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31 Jul, 2009

1.8.2009: Bonn Fiyah Dance Pt.6

Posted by: aka ogbisch In: dances

Dear friends, sistren and bredren, grasshoppers, basseaters, non smokers, newcomers, afficionados de la musica reggae, amis a bonne reggae musique, lovers of jamaican music styles… Come along for a night of positive vibes and rocking vibration: BONN FIYAH DANCE Part 6 ZIONATION SOUNDSYSTEM in FULL EFFECT!!! [inspic=99,,fullscreen,350,:2] 01. August 2009, 22h RHEINAUE near MARITIM HOTEL […]


Welcome to the home of Indubtrination & Zion Gate Rockers aka Zionation Soundsystem. Bonn, Germany.